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ZAM Soul Tree Calculator Issues (9 Feb 2012)Follow

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As most of you already know, when Rift Patch 1.7 was introduced the PvP souls were integrated into the new Plane of War planar attunement. Our Soul Tree Calculator experienced some side effects with these changes, causing some issues with a few of out older build links.

Addressing these issues is our top priority and our developers have put together a stop-gap solution while we make the needed adjustments.The majority of the builds should now be displaying correctly but please let us know here if you see any errors or broken links.

We appreciate your patience and will keep you updated when the changes are complete!

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acprog just posted some updates to the STC in that feedback thread:

acprog wrote:

Older builds will display an warning in the STC saying they're from an older version and may not display right.

URLs will now include .-# at the end where # is our current soul builder version (an auto-incremented number for length; it will go up when any big enough change invalidates older builds).

buildlist now includes a field to only show builds made on the current version (since I just finished adding all this, may not be 100% accurate for builds made the last couple of days -- sorry; I tried to get this done quickly).

uh... hrm... that's what I can think of off the top of my head.

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