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cleric heavy tank and raid heals in one. i made this build to get rid of an extra healer. when its not needed. i find no point in have 3 healers. when two will suffice.
here is the build link. it can support the tank and extra raid heals when needed. if you try it post you comments here. it does have some macro's to also help. you know what skills to use and put in your bar hopefullyso i dont have to go into huge detail of every skill you can also use strike to build up convictions if its aoe healing intensive and mobs are always close that dont cleavenot use alot of mana doing it

MACRO 1 your conviction builder. now for banish to build a conviction. it has to tick once.

#show Bolt of Radiance
cast Life's Vengeance
cast Bolt of Radiance
cast Light Bolt
cast Banish

MACRO 2 healling comm is in it incase you do need aoe heals and no convictions.

#show Doctrine of Loyalty
cast Doctrine of Loyalty
cast Healing Communion

MACRO 3 an ohh god macro

#show Healing Invocation
cast Touch the Light
cast Tidal Surge
cast Healing Invocation

MACRO 4 this is to regen mana you regen 600+ a tick and only use minimal mana to use the skill instead of spaming aoe at over 100 mana a pop

#show Purpose
cast Purpose
cast Strike of Judgment

always maintain a 4 stack of soothing stream and also keep healing spray on the tank.. alot of this spec can be done while moving so it gives you time to react to mechanix. their isnt alot of dps all ive been able to parse is 500-600 dps. but it can tank heal really well as you can see. and the aoe is huge. i only have 1500 SP and my DOL crits for over 2k . which iinturn you also have healing flood to absorb some of that aoe intensive. stuff. i also use healing flood as a heal for the MT since PTF is aoe based. and anpother hot on the tank. it does use mana quite a bit. if you spam aoe but their is always something to smack. and alot of your mt heals are isntant giving you time to regen mana. using my macro mana regen macro you can regen 3/4 or more of your mana in 10 seconds. if you pick something that wont die in 10 seconds.. remember 4 stack of soothing stream , healing spray, will almost always pop serendipity. so 9/10 times its waiting to be used. which i use healing invo to bring the tank back up. just gotta find a good rotation to use it with. and keep up your convictions to aoe heal.. but its intended to aoe heals and tank heal.. which is does and supports the other.say if your designed to tank heal. you cna also raid heal. when needed. if your job is to raid heal. you can support the MT healer with soothing stream and healing spray to toss extra heals on them.. and not worry about healing invo unless its really needed.
try it our and tell me what ya think. you lose the 20 % crit and healing bonus from going into INQ but you gain a 15% boost to all instant cast heals which alot of them are. also its almost completley mobile which inq isnt also. if used right. this spec is absolutley amazing. in a raid imagine two of this spec. just hots on the tank almost keeping him alive with all the raid heals too. so two clerics acan heal. almost every fight.. .one focusing on the tank. supporting the riad healer and the raid healer keeping there hots on the tank.. but focusing on the raid.

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