A Haunting Weekend in Wayward Manor

Over the weekend, I spent some time liberating Wayward Manor of its fleshy inhabitants. The casual puzzle game, based on a tale and narrated by author Neil Gaiman, was released on July 15, 2014 to mixed reviews. While I enjoyed my time within developer The Odd Gentlemen's manor, completing a game within three hours can leave much to be desired.

Campo Santo Reveals Mystery Game: Firewatch

Set for a PC, Mac and Linux release in 2015, Firewatch is a mystery game where your only lifeline is the person on the other end of your handheld radio. Set in the Wyoming wilderness, your job is to look for wildfires and keep the woods safe. Something strange will draw you out from your watch tower and lead you into a world full of questions and choices.

Wowhead Weekly: Episode 8

Join Olivia and Perculia once again for Wowhead Weekly: Episode 8! The two discuss a plethora of topics including Patch 6.0, the implications of scaling in the Proving Grounds, Wowhead's database updates, Garrison Transmog gear, and the Blasted Lands beta updates.

Dizzel Golden Gun Giveaway

We've teamed up with OGPlanet for an awesome Dizzel Golden SG552 Assault Rifle giveaway!

New Battle Content: Incursion!

 Feeling a rush for new challenges? How does the prospect of yourself and a handful of other battle-hardened adventurers facing off against waves of deadly Velkk sound? If such a fight sounds appealing, you're in luck, for in the upcoming September version update of Final Fantasy XI, the new Incursion battle content will be added. Up to eighteen adventurers will be able to enter deep into the stronghold of Adoulin's reptilian beastmen, for both the spoils of war and for the challenge of some of the most dangerous fights yet!

 Excited to be facing off against the Velkk? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!

The City Festival Starts Tonight!

Tomorrow is September, which means it's time for the Neriak City Festival! The festival is planned to start on September 1st at 12:01am PT and will run until September 7th at 11:59pm PT. You can find the Far Seas Caravan in Darklight Wood just over the chasm outside of Neriak.

Visit the Far Seas caravan merchants to see all of the local specialities and other festival goods, and don't forget to check out the four City Festival achievements.

An Aether Race will also be available in Darklight Wood during the festival. Participate and finish the race in 89 seconds or less to earn the Fearless Flyer prefix title! Begin the race by speaking to the referee near Neriak.

Gigantic: Two New Heroes Announced!

This weekend at PAX Prime, Motiga announced two more playable heroes for their upcoming game Gigantic. Both of the new heroes are females, but the similarities end there.

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series

At the 2013 Spike VGX video game awards, Telltale Games announced that they were making a new game series set in the Game of Thrones universe. This week, Telltale took to Twitter to post the above teaser for the game, the first bit of information that has been released for the series.

Trion Drops a Load of Announcements at PAX

Trion Worlds has announced a myriad of timelines, expansions and launch dates for their four titles: ArcheAge, Defiance, RIFT and Trove.

Double Synthesis Skill Increase Campaign!

 Been needing to work on your crafts, but hate spending hours synthing only to come up with minimal results? You're in luck! From September 5th through the 6th, Square Enix is running the Double Synthesis Skill Increase Campaign! So be sure to collect your crystals and mats and gather your crafting kits to take advantage of this special event!

What are your thoughts on this upcoming campaign? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!