Everquest Events for the next year!

Prathun over on the official Everquest forums updated the schedule for in game events! Here is what he posted.


Has it been a year already? 
Here's a list of the events scheduled out for the next 13 months or so. Note that the anniversary events have a good chance of changing, but we don't have any information to share on that yet. 

Living Legacy 1 & 2 - IRA Marathon and IRA Sprint, Starts 08/03/2016 00:00; Ends 08/17/2016 23:00. 
Living Legacy 3 & 4 - Endurance and Avatar of Despair, Starts 08/17/2016 00:00; Ends 08/29/2016 23:00. 
Summer events - Quests, Started 08/31/2016 00:00; Ends 09/28/2016 23:00. 
Summer events - Mission, Starts 09/14/2016 00:00; Ends 09/28/2016 23:00. 
Nights of the Dead, Starts 10/26/2016 00:00; Ends 11/09/2016 23:00. 
Dragons, Dragons, Dragons! and Giants, Giants, Giants!, Starts 11/09/2016 00:00; Ends 12/07/2016 23:00. 
Frostfell, Starts 12/03/2016 00:00; Ends 01/07/2017 23:00. 
New Years, Starts 12/26/2016 00:00; Ends 01/21/2017 23:00. 
Erollisi Day, Starts 02/01/2017 00:00; Ends 02/15/2017 23:00. 
15th Anniversary - Plane of War Mission, Starts 02/22/2017 00:00; Ends 04/05/2017 23:00. 
17th Anniversary - Gnome Race & Hate's Fury raid, Starts 03/16/2017 08:00; Ends 04/27/2017 23:00. 
Brew Day - Starts 03/15/2017 00:00; Ends 03/29/2017 23:00. 
Bristlebane Days (the event), Starts 03/22/2017 00:00; Ends 04/05/2017 23:00. 
14th-16th Anniversary - Player Designed Missions, Starts 04/12/2017 00:00; Ends 05/24/2017 23:00. 
5th-13th Anniversary, Starts 04/26/2017 00:00; Ends 06/07/2017 23:00. 
Hardcore Heritage 1 & 2 - zone_blackburrow zone_cazicthule, Starts 05/10/2017 00:00; Ends 05/24/2017 23:00. 
Hardcore Heritage 3 & 4 - zone_gukbottom zone_unrest, Starts 05/24/2017 00:00; Ends 06/07/2017 23:00. 
Hardcore Heritage 5 & 6 - zone_crushbone zone_permafrost, Starts 06/07/2017 00:00; Ends 06/21/2017 23:00. 
Hardcore Heritage 7 & 8 - zone_mistmoore zone_soldungb, Starts 06/21/2017 00:00; Ends 07/19/2017 23:00. 
Death, Death, Death!, Starts 07/19/2017 00:00; Ends 08/02/2017 23:00. 
Living Legacy 1 & 2 - IRA Marathon and IRA Sprint, Starts 08/02/2017 00:00; Ends 08/16/2017 23:00. 
Living Legacy 3 & 4 - Endurance and Avatar of Despair, Starts 08/16/2017 00:00; Ends 08/30/2017 23:00.

Everquest... Questing Lives

The Journey is the reward

(Image Pulled from Sirene_Fippy's post on the official Boards)




Sirene_Fippy has posted on of the best (certainly in recent memory) tales of doing some questing in Everquest over at the official Daybreak boards. These quests are NEW to the game and thus news!

Extra kudos to Sphynx for exemplifying how a true friend acts (read the story to understand the comment).


Check it out:


Everquest July Update Patch #2

July 13, 2016

*** Highlights ***

- The new Quarm Event Server is now available for all All-Access members! All members who create a character and log on to Quarm before July 27th at 11PM PDT get two Bottles of Shared Adventure III to claim! One can be claimed on Quarm and one can be claimed on any other server.

*** Items ***

- Corrected a bug that prevented items that grant passive AA abilities from functioning as intended.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Emollious (Raid) - Emollious' various forms will now be more consistently neutralized by Jerill's traps. 
- Fixed an issue that prevented Eron Nurwistle from allowing you to reset your progress on his tasks if you misplaced your jewelry. 

Everquest July Update Patch

July 6, 2016

*** Highlights ***

- Look to the marketplace this July for the Bird in a Cage. Each one contains a random adoptable bird familiar. Trade them to your friends or collect them all yourself, and keep an eye out for some rare and unique feathered familiars! 
- Lynea the pet collector in the Commonlands will purchase your excess adoptable pets for a unique currency. You can buy a random discontinued pet from her using this currency.

More after the jump...

Quarm Server Update

From: https://www.everquest.com/news/quarm-event-server-coming-july-2016


The EverQuest team will be launching Quarm, a special event server, in July! This server is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at noon PDT.

We’ll have a beta test for Quarm that will open up to players THIS WEEK on (or around) Thursday, June 16, 2016.

Each period of time the Quarm event server is open will be called an “Event,” followed by the Roman numeral for which Event it is (for example, “Event I”). Each Event on Quarm will have different goals for players to accomplish. Players can earn special rewards by completing Quarm server goals before the end of each Event. An All Access Membership will be required to participate in the events on the Quarm server.

Why name an event server Quarm? Just like how Druzzil Ro preserves the timeline after Quarm is defeated, such is the case with the Quarm server. Once Event I on the Quarm server has run its course, characters will be moved off of the server. Our plan is for new events to be a fresh start on Quarm.

Players that earn rewards from goals during an Event will be able to claim these unique rewards on ANY server (yes, even progression servers)!

Do you and your friends have what it takes to be the FIRST raid to defeat Overlord Mata Muram? If so, you’ll earn a unique title! Even if you aren’t the first people to defeat Mata Muram, additional titles are available for completing the group progression and completing the raid progression on the Quarm server.

How Will the Quarm Server Work?

In case you missed the May 2016 Producer’s Letter, the details for Event I on the Quarm server are:

  • New characters start at Level 51 with 50 AA points, wearing a full set of level-appropriate Defiant gear.
  • Experience rate on Quarm is set to the same rates as other live servers. 
  • All expansions up to and including Omens of War are unlocked. Race / class combinations that are available in Omens of War will be available on Quarm.
  • There will be no expansion unlocks past Omens of War during Event I.
  • Most items are tradable, using the same tradability restrictions as the Firiona Vie server.
  • True box rules apply. Multiple accounts cannot be played on the same hardware.
  • The Recruit-a-Friend experience bonus is disabled to maintain a fair competitive environment.
  • The server will have a finite time limit. At a minimum, it will run for 3 months, but this could be extended.
  • Once the Event has ended, and all characters on Quarm will be moved to a new server. The new server will follow the standard server ruleset. There are no plans to allow transfers off of this new server.

What Are My Goals on the Quarm Server?

To earn rewards, you need to complete either the group or the raid content in Omens of War before the end of the Event.

The group goal is satisfied by completing all six small-scale trials in the Muramite Proving Grounds. The raid goal is satisfied by defeating Overlord Mata Muram in Anguish.

The group trials are offered by each of the six projections in the Muramite Proving Grounds. Each trial tests the participants' mastery of an aspect of domination and warfare that the Muramites value. Up to six players can tackle a small-scale trial together. While fewer than six is possible, it is not recommended, as these trials are challenging and require specific skills and tactics that are not often called upon in battle!

These trials are:

  • The Mastery of Destruction
  • The Mastery of Efficiency
  • The Mastery of Fear
  • The Mastery of Ingenuity
  • The Mastery of Subversion
  • The Mastery of Weaponry 


Defeating Overlord Mata Muram may sound simple, but as those who have fought him in the past can attest, getting to him is half the battle. To challenge Mata Muram, each adventurer must individually complete Taromani's signet-seeking quest, and the raid force must collectively complete all six large-scale trials in the Muramite Proving Grounds, and then they must defeat every other target in Anguish.



Marketplace Discount and Bonus Exp Weekend

Dexella posted today that there will be a sizable discount in the marketplace as well as Bonus Experience for the holiday weekend. 


From the EQ Forums:

Prepare yourselves, Norrathians – something extra is coming your way!


Looking to snag yourself some items from the marketplace? From 12 PM PT on Friday July 1, 2016 until 12PM PT on Tuesday, July 5, 2016, All Access members will receive a 40% marketplace discount!

In addition, ALL players will be awarded 76% bonus XP, Faction, and Rare Spawns for the duration of the extended weekend!


EQ Update #51

Updated Items: Magic Awareness IV ;  Magic Awareness II ;  Magic Awareness III ;  Magic Awareness I ;  Elixir of Greater Concentration ;  Pyrilen Flame ;  Trophy of the Scapegoat ;  Heat Awareness III ;  Heat Awareness I 

Updated Quests: Porlos' Fury ;  Plane of War Access #1: Field of Strife & The Mines 

New Recipes: Heat Awareness III ;  Heat Awareness I ;  Elixir of Greater Concentration ;  Magic Awareness I ;  Magic Awareness III ;  Magic Awareness II ;  Magic Awareness IV 

Bestiary Updates: goblin battlemaster ;  a goblin witchdoctor ;  Grachnist the Destroyer ;  a pyrilen guard ;  a goblin soothsayer ;  a goblin warrior ;  Innoruuk, the Prince of Hate [TBM version]

EQ Quarm Beta Server is Live!

From Roshen's post on the official boards:


The beta for the Quarm server is now available!

Quarm is a special event server that's scheduled to launch in July! If you want to learn more about this event server, see the post here.

The Quarm beta requires the beta launcher. You can download the beta launcher here.

The Beta server may not be accessible at all times. Patching and Beta server maintenance will occur whenever it’s necessary, with or without notice.


SPECIAL NOTE: When Quarm launches in July, it'll require an All Access Membership. The Beta server is available to ALL players, regardless of membership.

EQ Legends of Norrath is Getting Shut Down!

Source: an email sent to me from Daybreak



On Aug‌ust 1‌7, 20‌16 at no‌on pac‌ific, the Legends of Norrath Trading Card game server will close.
The monthly All Access Membership claim of Legends of Norrath booster packs and the ability to purchase Legends of Norrath booster packs will no longer be available after Ju‌ly 1‌8, 20‌16 at 10‌AM paci‌fic. Legends of Norrath packs will need to be opened in the LON client and all loot rewards will need to be claimed prior to Aug‌ust 1‌7, 20‌16 at no‌on pacific to ensure your loot rewards are available in EverQuest or EverQuest II.
For more information regarding this announcement, please see the Legends of Norrath website.
Daybreak Game Company LLC

Everquest June Update Patch 2016

Several changes that had been topics on our Everquest General Forum in the past 6 months have been addressed in June's Patch!


The Omens of War changes are interesting as I don't think any current progression is there or about to be there, and the older TLP are well past it.

Also wondering about the hardware upgrade to Trakanon server... I play there on occasion and it is pretty low population. Vulak may be the only server with less people logging in?



From the official boards, developer Kethir posted:


June 15, 2016

*** Items ***

- Fixed an issue where merchants with 255 or more items would sometimes not allow for purchase of a specific item.
- Items that previously had Cleave VII - 26 (Scaling), Cleave VII - 27 (Scaling), Ferocity X (Scaling), and Ferocity XI (Scaling) now use the non-scaling versions of these worn effects, as the scaling did not work correctly. They may be changed to scaling effects in the future when this scaling functionality is worked out.
- The Lucid Shards used to make the Unadorned Scepter of Shadows for entry into Vex Thal are now 'no destroy'. The Priest of Discord, however, will still take these items as tribute.
- Made the Mirrored Mask that drops in Asylum of Anguish 'no destroy'. The Priest of Discord, however, will still take these items as tribute.
- The Mirrored Mask no longer has an augment slot.

Ngreth is Back as an EQ Dev!



Don't know Ngreth? Let's just say it has something to do with http://www.eqtraders.com/   (the legendary EQ tradeskiller site if you didn't know).


Ngreth was an EQ dev for a period of time when a lot was done with tradeskills in the game. Maybe you loved the changes/additions and maybe you didn't, but they were being worked on with dedication for sure.


It's fair to say tradeskills haven't been a huge focus in new content in recent EQ times. But lots of tradeskillers still sub to the game. We're not aware of any significant EQ Dev recently moving on, so seeing Ngreth back looks like an add to the team. If you don't like tradeskills, that means some other dev has likely had that taken off there list to work on whatever tidbit is your favourite instead (see it's good to be optimistic).

In short, welcome back Ngreth!



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