World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Now Live

World of Warcraft has released its latest expansion: Warlords of Draenor. It adds the new world of Draenor to the game, extends the level cap to 100, introduces Garrisons, new dungeons, raids and more. The Standard Edition is available for $49.99 and the Collector's Edition can be picked up for $69.99. A retail-exclusive Collector's Edition, featuring a hardcover art book, mousepad, and a behind-the-scenes disc can be purchased for $89.99.

Warlords of Draenor sends Azeroth’s heroes beyond the Dark Portal on a desperate mission to save their world from the vicious Iron Horde—a formidable army of the most infamous orc clans from Warcraft’s battle-scarred history. As players explore the savage alien world of Draenor, they’ll encounter fierce new foes and befriend unlikely allies, construct and command a mighty Garrison, and take their place on the front lines in the battle to save Azeroth from a future forged in iron.

Warlords of Draenor Launch Guide

Our Wowhead team has compiled a list of our most useful guides and content to help you build your garrison, pick your gear, play your class and more. The database is also completely up-to-date for the expansion.

Stormthrone: Blacksmith and Battleground Previews

Stormthrone: Aeos Rising is an upcoming F2P browser-based experience by R2Games, styled in the tradition of MMORPG classics. R2Games has recently shared with us a preview of two exciting features in the game: the Blacksmith and the Battlegrounds.


BIGGER sword, TOUGHER armor? Yes please, especially in a harsh land like Aeos. Let’s start by learning the arts of blacksmithing from the legendary Dirk Ironbraid!

Eorzea Examiner #27: Flight

Hello and welcome to the 27th edition of the Eorzea Examiner, ZAMs column on Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. For this weeks column, we’re going to dig into one of the new features of the recently announced FFXIV expansion, Heavensward. In addition to all of the new zones, the Dark Knight reveal and the promise of more new jobs to come, one feature in particular caught my attention: flying mounts. What does the addition of flying mounts mean for this expansion and beyond?

EverQuest II: Altar of Malice Launch Guides

The Altar of Malice expansion is here!

All servers are fully patched for the Altar of Malice expansion! This post was getting lengthy, so here's some quick links to hop between specific sections:

BlizzCon: Opening Ceremony (Live Updates)

The BlizzCon opening ceremony begins today at 11am PT/2pm ET! We'll be live updating this article as the ceremony progresses, so keep checking back.

The ceremony has ended, check out everything below!

The Heroes' Festival is Back!

The Heroes' Festival, EverQuest II's annual live event first introduced in 2009, will make its return tonight! The event is scheduled to run from 12:01am PST on Friday, November 7th through 11:59pm PST on Monday, November 17th.

While the older quests are expected to make a return in Freeport and Qeynos, we should also have some new content to celebrate the 10th anniversary! Heroes' Festival did not make an appearance on Test this year because the devs wanted to have the new content be fresh when it landed on Live, so we'll be staying up late tonight to add whatever is new in as soon as it launches. UPDATE: New quest - The Play's the Thing!

Centered primarily at the Claymore in Qeynos Capitol District and Execution Plaza in the City of Freeport, players can participate in several event quests, visit the Heroes' Festival merchant and check out associated achievements. For those of you with far too many alts check out our Heroes' Festival Quest Tracker!

EverQuest II: The Aerakyn Are Coming

EverQuest II will be releasing its new player race, the Aerakyn, on November 11, 2014. The race is a stand-alone feature, not tied in any way to the Altar of Malice expansion (which releases the same day to All Access members), and will be available for purchase through a variety of offerings in the Station Cash Marketplace.

We spoke to Creative Director Akil "Lyndro" Hooper and Senior Producer Holly "Windstalker" Longdale about the Aerakyn, their features and abilities, and more.

EverQuest II: Altar of Malice Preview

Altar of Malice marks the 11th expansion for EverQuest II. First announced at SOE Live 2014, the expansion will add two new overland zones as well as several new Advanced Solo, Heroic and Raid dungeons. The level cap will increase from 95 to 100 for adventuring, tradeskill and guild levels, and both tradeskillers and adventurers alike can enjoy a variety of new quests and collections.

Purchasing the expansion will include last year's Tears of Veeshan content. Chains of Eternity and prior expansions will be set as free for everyone, excluding the Age of Discovery feature pack, which will continue to be sold on the Marketplace.

We recently joined Senior Producer Holly "Windstalker" Longdale and Creative Director Akil "Lyndro" Hooper for a preview of some of the zones we'll get to visit in Altar of Malice, as well as some extra tidbits of info about the expansion.

Altar of Malice Expansion Goodies

SOE has announced the pricing and goodies included in the Altar of Malice expansion. An important point of interest: unlike previous expansions, this one cannot be pre-ordered. That means that the Collector's Edition will not have a discounted price at any point. As mentioned at SOE Live, Altar of Malice will include the Tears of Veeshan expansion, while Chains of Eternity will become free (Age of Discovery will remain as separate items in the Marketplace).

Full details below!

Square Enix Reveals FFXIV's First Expansion

Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIV's first-ever expansion, Heavensward, at the Fan Festival this past weekend. Releasing in Spring 2015, players can expect a level cap increase, new player race, dungeons and primals, and much more.