Rift 1.3 Hotfix #8 - Planar Currencies

Vouchers Allow Transfer of Planar Currency

For RIFT 1.3 Hotfix #8, the Trion devs have allowed users to now transfer planar currencies by purchasing new vouchers that cost a single amount of the currency selected and some additional planarite to gain 1 of the currency selected. That and more is in the notes after the break!

RIFT 1.3 Hotfix #8 - 8:00am PDT 7/8/11 [NA] - 1:00am GMT 9/7/11 [EU]


  • You may now transfer alt characters to shards that are no longer on the transfer list if you already have a character of level 40 or higher on the destination shard, and the alt character was created prior to the launch of the character transfer system. Guild leader characters being transferred via this method CAN NOT transfer their guild to the closed shard.
  • Added a confirmation popup for guild leaders transferring their guild to notify them that in-progress Raid instances cannot be continued on the new shard, and members locked to incomplete instances will need to wait until the weekly reset.


  • New vendors in Sanctum and Meridian now sell vouchers for all different types of rare and epic planar currencies. These vouchers are Bind-On-Account and can be traded to your other characters. Each voucher costs 1 of the appropriate currency plus some Planarite, and can be consumed by another character to gain 1 of the currency chosen.
  • Added a new camera option (default: on) to make the camera angle collide with the surface of water while swimming.
  • Also prevented the camera from intersecting with the water surface and making it very difficult to actually see.
  • Grandmaster Antiquarian now properly counts artifact collections turned in prior to the 1.3 update.
  • Fixed the Auction House accidentally posting auctions you're editing after you'd previously used the Enter key to create an auction.
  • Chloromancer: Stream of Reclamation: Fixed the ugly VFX bug on this spell.
  • Scarwood Reach hunt targets no longer disappear when a Rift opens nearby.
  • Saga of the Endless: Intercepting the Spellbook: Correctly updates in Reclaimer's Hold, rather than Meridian.
  • Some falling Achievements will no longer trigger in odd and unexpected areas.


  • Adjusted several abilities used by the boss in the zone event, Waves of Madness.
  • The Exalted Barnacle Encrusted Torc is now available to Warriors on the event merchant.
  • Rift: From the Abyss: Adjusted the stage timers and made Stage 4 more manageable for solo participants.
  • Rift: Darktide Spawn: Destroying eggs is no longer an objective for Stage 2.
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