RIFT 1.7 Hotfix #7

Tweaks include Carnival fixes.

The Rift North American shards went down at 8:00am Pacific for a hotfix. Here's the notes:

RIFT 1.7 Hotfix #7 - 8:00am PST 3/2/12 [NA] - 2:00am GMT 3/3/12 [EU]


  • Happy Birthday, RIFT! Welcome to the Carnival of the Ascended!
  • World Event phase quest updates no longer display on the mid-screen splash text.
  • Balloon pets are now Bind On Account.


  • Riftstalker: Rift Barrier: Fixed a case where Rift Guard with points spent in Rift Barrier would still deal damage after the first tick of a DoT applied to the Rogue (and causing issues with being locked in combat).
  • Ember Isle: Scouring the Dirt: Fixed this quest breaking if the Runesappers reset incorrectly.
  • Hammerknell Fortress: The floor in the throne room should stop going non-visible at times.
  • Fixed a case where a transferring character would get an incorrect coinlock error.
  • Characters can no longer get trapped in the Guardian wedding instance.
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