1.8 Hotfix #0.5 - Patch Notes

All NA shards came down at 8am PDT for 1.8 Hotfix #0.5. EU shards already had this hotfix included in their original 1.8 patch. Here are the patch notes:

RIFT 1.8 Hotfix 0.5 - 4/19/12

* Fixed the incorrect spamming of re-server firsts.
* Tents and Bedrolls are now available for use!
* Fishing-related pets now summon instantly.
* Fixed an edge case with formed LFG groups and public grouping that could cause pre-queued groups to break up prematurely.

* The Leaderboard for Expert Darkening Deeps has been corrected and can now be enabled.
* Fixed a problem with the Library: Mass Martyr Duration leaderboard.

* Slinkers of the Dawn: Now with correct pricing.
* Ember Isle Raid Rift Essences now have a minimum level requirement to equip.

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