RIFT 1.8 Hotfix #4 - Patch Notes

This hotfix includes nameplates!

RIFT 1.8 Hotfix #4 - 5/2/12 Patch Notes


  • We’ve been working behind the scenes on a highly requested UI feature – Nameplates allow you to easily see the status of those around you while keeping your eyes on the fight!
  • By default, nameplates will replace the old health bars and appear above yours and your target’s heads while in combat.
  • We have a wide variety of settings, so customize to your heart’s content by going to Settings -> Interface -> Nameplates. You can swap between your customized settings and the default with Shift+V.
  • The options also allow you to turn the system off entirely, if desired.
  • Name colors can be customized in the Name Colors tab.

World Event

  • Increased the drop rate for Power Cells while on the quest Parcels through the Cracks.


  • The fishing artifact 'Trophy Stillmoor Devil' is now fishable in Stillmoor!
  • The description of all fish has been updated with the water depth and locations where they can be found.
  • Abandoning the 300 Skill Crafting Daily Quest will no longer remove the crafted items from your bags. However, you cannot have more than 4 of these items at any one time.
  • Mathosian Longbow daily quest recipe now correctly requires a Workbench instead of the Forge.
  • All Planar Attunement Tier 2 item enchants now require a lvl 50 item. Several runes now require items to be level 50 when applied.

Infernal Dawn

Maklamos the Scryer:

  • Removed the cast time from an interruptible ability used by the three Juggernaut golems – if interrupted, it would cause them to become active with a higher health value than intended.
  • Failing to “solve” the Crystal Essences now triggers the intended consequences instead of no consequences.
  •  Reduced agro range and moved his encounter wall up the hallway a bit.

Rusila Dreadblade:

  • Iron Wrath can no longer be avoided by moving further than 30m away.
  • Increased Rusila’s movement speed, she no longer moves in slow motion compared to other Infernal Dawn bosses.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Rusila to use certain abilities much less frequently than intended.
  • Dreaded Snipers will now respawn appropriately.


  • Warforged Firestorms are once again susceptible to mesmerize effects.
  • Adjusted the Baleful Inferno ability “Rupture” to allow it to be interrupted by more abilities.
  • Adjusted the Pyrefly ability “Ember Strike” damage.


  • Increased the amount of additional damage output granted by the Enrage buff.


  • Due to its change to instant cast, Withering Vine now gives 9 Charge when cast. Down from 15.


  • Fixed an issue where Thunder Blast was not triggering Quick Thinking.
  • Fixed an issue where some control breaking abilities were removing both the root and damage effects of Storm Shackle. These abilities will now only remove the root effect.


  • Fixed an issue where Vengeful Spirit was not preventing the Shadow Revenant’s Blood Corruption from removing stacks of Deathly Calling.


  • Rift Barrier no longer redirects damage dealt by abilities that cannot be reflected.
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