RIFT Storm Legion Expansion First Details

Not the X-Men character.

You heard it right - there's a RIFT Expansion, dubbed Storm Legion, just announced today. With the announcement comes this slick trailer.

First details of Storm Legion are a doozy - two new continents, four additional souls, Grandmaster-level crafting, increased level cap by ten, and a brand new storyline, dealing with the Queen of Storms, Crucia. She has prepared to unleash her full power on the Ascended of Telara, now that most of her Blood Storm has been wiped out. With a new legion gathered behind the Infinity Gate in the Plane of Air, players will have to fight to stop her before it's too late.

Possibly the coolest feature planned is the Dimensions, a new housing-like feature that lets players and guilds own their own private space, decked out any way you chose. I remember the embarrassing amount of time I spent decking out my house in EverQuest II - with the level of epicness Rift likes to sport, this sounds awesome. 

We'll keep you posted further at ZAM's RIFT Portal when more news comes out in the coming weeks.

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