Rift at E3: First Look at Storm Legion!

Trion's live stream from E3 gave a sneak peek at the upcoming Rift expansion.

Trion held a 16 minute live stream at E3 today, during which they gave players their first look at the upcoming expansion, Storm Legion. The scenery for a few of the dungeons were briefly shown as well as two of the overlands, one of which is interior. Several juicy tidbits were dropped during this live stream, detailed below.

  • The theme of the expansion is the "Rise of Crucia" and the discovery of the two new continents.
  • Quite a bit of lost technology is present on these continents; a "magi-tech feel" was used throughout the expansion areas.
  • The two new continents will make the existing world three times larger than what it currently is.
  • Patches will still continue to happen: 1.9 and 1.10 were mentioned.
  • A "new PTS server for the expansion" was briefly mentioned--possibly a beta server.
  • They're "pretty sure there will be a digital collector's edition."
  • More information on "dimensions", Trion's take on housing, will be released in the near future.

The overland areas shown were called Ashora and Tower of Dawn. Tower of Dawn is an interior, non-instanced overland, which is a break how contested content is currently presented in Rift. Two dungeons called Empryean Core (for level 60s) and Golem Foundry were also briefly shown.

While in Ashora, the QA team took on an epic, end-game difficulty battle against a colossi named Volan. New techniques such as power-up abilities were shown, and Volan even altered the geometry of the world during the battle; for example, at one point he broke through a wall to open up new areas. Ashora also featured purple orbs which are launchpads that spring your character (and mount!) high into the air.

We snagged some exciting screenshots from the live stream, which you can also watch in its entirety after the jump!


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