World Event Merchant Changes for 1.9

Last call to spend currencies from some earlier world events.

There's lots happening when Rift 1.9 launches tomorrow! One of the things that may have slipped your notice is a change to World Event Merchants. The following currencies will no longer be required after the start of 1.9:

In other words, you have about a day to get those spent. All of the reward items from 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 will be removed so Trion can "give them out in new and more exciting ways."

Starting the next update after 1.9, Dragon Tears and Magma Opals will be obsolete.  Unique Snowflakes, Glass Beads, and Carnival Prize Tickets will always remain useful, and will have their description changed to let you know they are an annual currency.

Read more about this change on the official Rift forums. Learn more about all the currencies in Rift from our Currencies Guide!

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