Rift Lore: Storm Legion

Trion reveals some of the lore behind the upcoming Rift expansion.

Trion has released new lore surrounding the Storm Legion expansion, including some tantalizing bits on Crucia and the Infinity Gate. Read on!

While you're at it, you can download an awesome Crucia wallpaper by clicking the image below!

The Storm Legion
Cosmic beginnings
As Crucia conquered world after world to feed the Blood Storm, she filled her ranks with master tacticians and ruthless shock troops. In this manner, Crucia constructed an army from the best the planes had to offer – one powerful enough to control what she desired.

When the Blood Storm reached Telara, the other dragons warred over the powers of its sourcestone. But Crucia's eye fell on the glorious continent of Brevane, where the people made marvels of metal and magic.

Conquest of Brevane
The Brevanic people fell before Crucia's flights of Storm Drakes and White Dragon children, to say nothing of the numberless, faceless rank-and-file. Some of the Brevanes fled to what is now Mathosia; others sought shelter in the Eternal City, whose defenses were powerful enough to stay the Legion’s march.

Still, and utterly unknown to their Ascended foes, the Storm Legion has controlled over half of the continent ever since – spending ages in preparation for the battle to come.

Empyrean power
Harnessing advanced Empyrean technology, the Storm Legion has built machines even the Blood Storm feared: automaton soldiers and mechanical monsters like the legendary Volan, whose tread crushes cities, whose beam weapons burn armies to dust.

On Brevane they have waited, the mightiest force Telara has ever known. Entrenched, patient as a still sky before a storm, they watch for Crucia's signal to let loose their augmented fury … and resume their march across the planes.

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