RIFT 1.11 Hotfix #4

Today's hotfix includes tweaks to Champion and Riftblade souls.

RIFT 1.11 Hotfix #4 - 8:00am PDT 10/30/12 [NA] - 2:45am GMT 30/10/12 [EU]


  • Instant Adventure: If you AFK in Sanctum and Meridian IAs, you're gonna have a bad time.
  • Moved a few spawn locations away from wardstones and fixed boss and mob hit point scaling on the city siege Instant Adventures.
  • Sanctum Instant Adventure: Loosen a Few Bolts and Boots on the Ground: More Storm Legion Golems and Troops will now spawn.
  • Bankers, Auctioneers, and Calling Trainers should no longer run off and fight to the death during city invasion adventures.
  • Fixed queuing issues for city siege adventures.


  • PvP: Reduced the effectiveness of Purifier absorbs in PvP - basically, 'they don't last as long under fire'.
  • PvP: Fixed an issue blocking Grounded from being applied in Conquest.
  • Nerfed the excessive post-1.11 damage of Scarn's breath (Master Mode Darkening Deeps), Arakhurn's Fire Nova (Rise of the Phoenix), and Swarmlord Khargoth's adds (Primeval Feast).
  • Infernal Dawn: Maelforge: Magma Torrent will once again NOT critically hit for facemelting damage.
  • Instant Adventure: Fixed some adventures not giving Planar Attunement experience to level 50 participants.
  • Fixed an issue where scores were not visible on the Crafting leaderboard.
  • Updated the lighting in Terminus and Mathosia.



  • Just in case you were salvaging relic or epic items from Infernal Dawn, these now give the proper materials when broken down.



  • Bladefury: Now granted at 16 points.
  • Battlefield Intimidation: Now granted at 28 points.
  • Titan's Strike: Now an area of effect finisher ability with a cooldown.
  • Follow Through: Now properly reduces Power cost.
  • More number balancing for Champion damage.


  • Fiery Burst: Fixed a bug with this not unlocking.
  • Riftwalk: Damage rebalanced.
  • Rift Implosion: Reduced to 5% per Implosion Surge.
  • Improved Frost Strike: Now improves the bonus damage on Frost Strike by 3/7%.
  • Enhanced Burst: Increased elemental damage effect for eligible attacks reduced to 10/25%.
  • Burst Capacitor: Base damage increase effect reduced to 5-25%.
  • Improved Avatar: Now increases Avatar of the Rift damage bonus to 15/25%.
  • Rift Strike: Now increases all non-physical damage by 25%.
  • Avatar of the Rift: Now also reduces Power cost of non-physical abilities by 3.
  • Quick Burst: No longer reduces Burst damage.
  • Rift Familiarity: Now also increases Elemental damage by 3/6%.
  • Elemental Empowerment: Now increases all damage, not just Elemental.
  • Affinity: Increases non-Physical damage by 2-10%.
  • Frost Strike: Damage increase debuff has been reduced to 3%, now enhances all non-Physical damage and is a multiplier, not an addition.


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