RIFT: Storm Legion Open Beta Gets Underway

YOU can play the RIFT expansion for free this weekend!

Don't look now, but Trion is hosting a good, old-fashioned open beta this weekend for RIFT: Storm Legion. 

And by open beta, they mean *open* beta. Anyone and everyone interested in checking out RIFT this weekend can do so. You don't need to be a current - or former - subscriber! All you need to do is download the RIFT Lite game client and go to town.

They're even spicing it up a bit by holding some focused Warfront PvP testing during certain time slots, where players will have a chance to beat-down a RIFT developer (in Telara of course, don't get too excited.) If you succeed in this task, you'll be awarded the title "the Rebellious" on all of your RIFT characters.

RIFT: Storm Legion, launching November 13, is a meaty expansion mesured by any standard. With two huge new continents to explore, a new capital city in Tempest Bay and new features like Dimensions - Trion's take on player housing - it's well worth a glance (or a second glance, if you're a returning player.) This weekend would be a great time to do so.

Click here to get started!

Bill "Lethality" Leonard

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