RIFT 1.11 Hotfix #5

Today's hotfix fine-tumes some souls.

RIFT 1.11 Hotfix #5 - 7:00am PDT 11/2/12 [NA] - 1:00am GMT 3/11/12 [EU]


  • Daily: Hold the Line: Fixed scripting to prevent the quest from resetting - and potentially breaking - at the wrong time.


  • Two-handed weapons now properly autoattack at their listed DPS.
  • Fixed a bug where coin was not getting split with party members who did not tag a mob.
  • The discovery log is now placed in the same configurable directory as other logs, instead of in the same directory as the Rift executable.



  • Reversal of Fortune: No longer applies to abilities that don't directly target you.
  • Seeping Death: Now actually restricted to 1 ally at a time.


  • Mien of Leadership: Fixed the way overhealing generates threat.
  • Doctrine of Authority: Now properly tagged as a Single Target ability in the abilities list.


  • Grim Satisfaction: Should now actually work as described.


  • Setting Moon: Increased to 25%.


  • Soul Devour: Text has been corrected to read 100% rather than 50%.
  • Grim Lure: Should no longer have a 180millisecond delay on one of its effects.


  • Scald: Suppused to be doing damage based on how many Attack Points were used for Icy Burst - however has an issue right now causing it to not be doing enough damage that will be fixed.
  • Fixed a bug causing Storm Blade from Blade of the Ascended to deal 3x the damage intended.


  • Residual Absorption: Functionality changed. Now reduces incoming Spell damage after using Spellbreaker.
  • Warrior Shields no longer stack with each other aside from Protective Shield, which is intended to stack with other shields.
  • Spark: Set this up so it properly shows as not on global cooldown.


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