RIFT 2.0 Hotfix #2 Notes

A big hotfix list for the first big patch of Storm Legion.

RIFT 2.0 Hotfix #2 - 8:00am PST 11/20/12 [NA] - 2:00am GMT 21/11/12 [EU]

  • Fixed a world crash issue that plagued both NA and EU region shards through the weekend.
  • Upgradable items can now be upgraded while equipped.
  • Achievements that are cumulative/chained - such as 'Craft 50,000 items' which should have credit for completing the previous achievements in the chain - should be properly restored with your prior contributions instead of being reset to zero.
  • The hide-other-players toggle now also hides their pets.
  • Fixed some Dimension items and capes not showing properly for various people.
  • LFG: Dungeons list now separates Expert Dungeons into Classic and Storm Legion lists.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could end up in the queue for Storm Legion Warfronts even if they didn't have Storm Legion.
  • Elven females should only shout once at character select while dual wielding, not twice! YAHHH~!
  • Fixed an overly high drop rate for Epic essences in Storm Legion.



  • Many many Storm Legion quests that did not have minimum level requirements to obtain now do so - with the earliest ones available at 48+.
  • Adjusted Zone Event colossi hit points to better scale with player damage and population - higher lows and lower highs on their hit point amounts.
  • Achievement: Operation Landfall: Should now be granted at the completion of the Operation Landfall zone event.
  • Revealing areas on the map near oceans will now clear all the way to the water, even though you may not be able to physically go there.


  • Increased minimum required level on Great Hunt Rift quests to 60 from 50.
  • Reactive Shield - Hunt Rift boss ability: Shaved off half of the absorb percentage per player.
  • Normal Hunt Rift bosses are now guaranteed to drop Empyreal Stone.
  • Echoes of Deceit: Fixed some quest objects being underground.
  • Fixed Hunt Rift lures being consumed when turning in the Planar Translocation and Night of the Hunter quests.


  • Riches of the Biofoundry: Updated so this is a quest granted by an item dropped by Volan - Volan's drop is now a Quest Item.
  • Zone Event: Dreams of Blood and Bone: Cannons now have mouseover tooltips!
  • Daily quests in Ashora should be granting correct rewards.
  • Onslaught: Fixed map markers for Arjuros and Optheron. Moved Zavari closer to the wardstone in Broken Marsh.
  • IA: A Clear Conscience: Fixed an issue where completing this IA could kick players out of the IA group.


  • IA: The All Clear Signal: Academy Guards should no longer patrol the survivor turn-in area.
  • Tower of Dawn: Fixed entry portal to allow Soul Walking characters to re-enter.


  • Circuit Shorting: Fixed consoles becoming permanently unusable. Additional quest fixes incoming.


  • Deadly Surprise: Storm Legion soldiers who run toward the rigged chests, and the chests themselves, now despawn if they are not killed by the explosion.


  • Change of Pace: Removed incorrect quest reward.
  • Disable the Trap: Now shares objective updates with your group.
  • Friendly Fire: Added correct quest reward.
  • A Meeting of Minds, Thought Police, Friendly Fire: Adjusted the polymorph to address players not being transformed as intended.
  • IA: Corrected the location placements and contribution distances for Adventures.
  • Nutritious, not Delicious: Made changes to the quest to prevent some player pets from being caught in a death loop.


  • Reduced boss health in Standard dungeons in order to shorten average encounter length.
  • Added first-completion rewards to dungeons that were missing it - Exodus of the Storm Queen, Storm Breaker Protocol, Unhallowed Boneforge, Archive of Flesh, and Empyrean Core.


  • Standard: General population mobs now drop proper loot! [Fix is still incoming for Expert.]


  • Manslaughter: Addressed issue where Manslaughter can become stuck casting Rotary Assault Cannon.
  • Removed name display from Manslaughter's gel pools.


  • Slagstorm's damage shield VFX now last the entire duration of the effect.
  • In the Telaphalon fight, Batua now says his wave completion line only once.
  • Storm Breakers can now move while using Robo Rumble! They also move slightly faster.
  • Slightly reduced general mob population.


  • Fixed the entry teleporter.
  • Fixed fight boundaries for Bruzhail so the AoEs can only be dodged by going through the empty lane.
  • Adjusted borders around Ahgnox the Corpsekeeper's fight space to help keep him from getting stuck in collision when charging.
  • Reduced aggro distance on the Necrotic Throne.
  • You should no longer remain in combat after defeating Avoxcia.


  • Fury of the Ascended, Holy Champion, and Anti-Planar Augmentation now deal 20% increased damage against Colossi (reduced from 200%). The 200% damage increase against Invasions is unchanged.
  • Updated a bunch of Soul Preset auto-hotbar layouts.



  • Consuming Boon of Life with an instant-cast Nature's Touch will now also consume the proc from Eldritch Armor.


  • Fixed damage values for Shadow Revenant's Scourge Bolt and Oblivion rank 7 - these two damage values had been swapped.


  • Lightning Conductor: Damage bonus to Electrocute, Thunderbolt and Raging Storm is now 5/10% if your target is under Hypothermia.
  • Tempest Armor: Now increases single target damage by 15% in addition to its previous effects.


  • The ability names on the level 60 Synergy Crystals have been renamed from Zardonis' Crystal to T'Scain's Crystal.
  • Fixed the incorrect Planar Attunement tooltips for which weapon mastery each planar type enhances.


  • Collateral Damage: Fixed a tooltip bug, Collateral Damage increases AoE ranged weapon attack damage by 4-12%, not 3-9%.


  • Boosted Recovery: Fixed a bug where this is triggered even while you are dead.


  • Adhesive Bomb: Now reduces movement speed by 30%, down from 70% - similar to other player snares.


  • Glacial Torrent: Now reduces movement speed by 30%, down from 50%, similar to other player snares. Also triggers immunity to further application of the snare effect from Glacial Torrent for 12 seconds.


  • Fixed the incorrect Planar Attunement tooltips for which weapon mastery each planar type enhances.


  • Bladefury: Fixed a bug where ranks 9 and 10 did too little damage.


  • Blessed Aegis: Now also increases Endurance by 5%.


  • Setting Moon: Damage buff reduced to 15%.
  • Strike Like Iron: Damage buff reduced to 5-15%.
  • Unleashed: Buff reduced to 3% per stack.
  • Flurry: Damage increased.


  • Tempered Constitution: Now increases Endurance by 2% per point.
  • Binding of Devouring Darkness: Now also increases Endurance by 5%.


  • Elemental Precision: Now only affects Elemental abilities.


  • Fixed a bug causing Light Refraction to become stuck on a character after a server crash.
  • Bioelectric Transfer has been removed, and replaced with Electricity Cascade, a Finisher DoT that also increases the damage the target takes from Lightning Torrent and Storm Torrent.
  • Quick Recharge: Now works on both Charged Pulse and Double Pulse.
  • Charged Pulse, Double Pulse: Cooldowns increased to 20 seconds.
  • Dual Pulse: Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds.
  • Stormbringer: Now also works on Electricity Cascade.
  • Wavelength: No longer enhances outgoing damage.
  • Enhanced Conductivity: Now only affects non-physical abilities.


  • Empowerment: Now increases Endurance by 2% per point.


  • Increased experience granted from completing level 50+ Warfronts.
  • Winning Random Warfronts after the 7 Weekly bonuses have been depleted will now grant bonus experience.
  • Lowered the level of NPCs in Port Scion for the 50-54 and 55-59 brackets.
  • Riftstalker: Planar Rejuvenation, Defer Death: Reduced effectiveness in PvP combat.
  • Warden: Tidal Surge: Reduced the bonus damage to 25% in PvP combat.
  • Warriors: Healing values on Life's Rapture, Touch of Life, Fusion of Flesh, and No Permission to Die have been halved in PvP.
  • Cabalist: Reduced the bonus damage when using Tyranny of Death, Bound Fate, or Disintegration in combination with Obliterate in PvP combat. [This looked like a fail in testing but was not! Updated patch notes.]


  • Removed the level limit on the Dormant Core dimension.
  • Replaced the Leave Dimension icon in the alert tray - now a door with an arrow, not wine glasses.
  • The Dimension item Stalked Pustule is now resizable.


  • Corrected the training costs on all gathering profession recipes that had no cost to train.
  • Corrected pricing on Apothecary Planar scrolls. Fixed the ones that weren't granting recipes.
  • Excellent Dexterity Serum: Now granting the correct amount of Dexterity.
  • Updated the rates for acquiring Major Catalysts from Rifts, Invasions, and Footholds from level 55-60.
  • Fishing: Storm Legion fishing lures and recipe scrolls no longer have level limits, much like other fishing lures and recipes.
  • Fishing: Corrected text on Timed Magnetic Lure - previously it said it only worked in Mathosia, which was WRONG!
  • Fishing: Corrected text on Enduring Magnetic Lure. It lasts for 15 minutes, not 10.


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