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Survival (Rift Profession)  

Quick Facts

  • Skill: Supplemental
  • Levels
    • 1 - 75 Novice
    • 76 - 150 Skilled
    • 151 - 225 Expert
    • 226 - 300 Master
  • Survival Recipes

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The information on this page was gathered on the Public Test Shard and may change without notice.

Added in patch 1.8, Survival is a new crafting skill. It does not count toward your tradeskill limit.

To begin your Survival career, talk to Sandy Remor at Bahralt Street in Sanctum or Lennith at Epoch Plaza (by the northern drinks vendor) in Meridian.


It appears as though trainers are neutral and can be used by members of either faction.


  • Lennith in Meridian on the back wall of Epoch Plaza near the northern drinks vendor
  • Adjo in Freemarch at Kelari Refuge on the shore to the west near the other crafting NPCs
  • Dea in Stonefield at Granite Falls on the back porch of the Inn
  • ? in Scarlet Gorge at the river near Scarwood Lift Base
  • Zolot in Scarwood Reach at Perspice on the back porch of the Inn


  • Sandy Remor on Bahralt Street in Sanctum
  • Kelly at Argent Glade in Silverwood near the south log bridge
  • Mack Gievor south of Gloamwood Pines in Gloamwood on the shore of the lake
  • Michelle Weston at Stonecrest in Scarlet Gorge
  • Dacks at Kain's Command in Scarwood Reach


  • Gustav at Acrid Basin (just south of Reclaimer's Hold) in Moonshade Highlands
  • Moya at Lantern Hook basement in Droughtlands
  • Bialar at Chancel of Labors in Iron Pine Peak
  • Zhaan at Fortune's Shore in Shimmersand
  • Dargo at Zareph's Return in Stillmoor
  • Rygel at Ember Watch in Ember Isle


The first Recipe you will learn is Minnow Dumpling, turning Smooth Minnow into food that restores health and mana. Your second recipe is available at 20 skill. This will be a hard stretch but just stay in the first zone until you get enough Minnows to get there. From that point it becomes much easier to level up Fishing and Survival together. You will also have a 30-point gap from 260 to 290, as there is only one recipe, so be sure to hold on to all the Brown Perch and Teal Groupers in Stillmoor, Shimmersand and Ember Isle!

Most food recipes will require you to purchase ingredients from the Master trainer. There are six of these ingredients (listed lowest cost to highest): Fresh Herbs, Sea Salt, Dough, Mixed Vegetables, Soup Stock, and Ground Spices.

Recipes for bedrolls and tents require cloth (not bolts!). If you have not done so, stockpile some Burlap through Composite. When I leveled up Survival I had to strip all the burlap I had on all my alts just to level up one survivalist!


You can make your first bedroll at skill level 100. Bedrolls and tents increase your Rested XP gain from within the game. Just use a tent any time you go AFK to replenish your Rested XP.

You will need all of the following Cloths to level up your Survivalist. Listed are SOME mobs that drop them reliably...


Survivalists can make Basic Food and Stat Food from fish caught by Fishermen. Basic Food recovers Health and Mana, while the Stat Food adds a 30 minute Stat Buff in addition to the health and mana recovery.

Some recipes can only be gained as a reward from a Fishing quest or a rare drop from a chest which has been fished up.

This table is more up-to-date than the table on Stat Food. Once 1.8 goes live I will update the other table. Also, we are aware that the stats on several of the rare recipes changed on 4/13. We are updating them as fast as we can but they may vary slightly from our information.

FoodMin. SkillMin. LevelFish UsedStat Buff
Minnow Dumpling110Smooth Minnow
Widemouth Salad Sandwich2010Blue WidemouthMax Health +100
False Shark Soup3010False SharkAttack Power +6
Salt-Crusted Pondleaper1015Forest Pondleaper
Speedy Shark Snack[1] 15False SharkOut-of-Combat Run Speed +10%
Crystalfish Burger5020Lesser Crystalfish
Delectable Creeper Tail7520CreeperSpell Crit Hit +9
Roast Rockfish8020Tawny RockfishBlock +7
Simple Sashimi7025Echidna Fish
Blenny Fillet11030Blenny
Red Mangler
Max Health +217
Chamelionfish Stew12030Chamelionfish
Flatfish Kabobs15030Flatfish
Spell Power +12
Widemouth Sashimi[2]3035Green WidemouthMax Health +217 and Dodge +16
Fried Octopus[3] 35Inland OctopusSpell Crit +26 and Max Hit +100
Shrimp Sandwich14035Freshwater Shrimp
Baked Mangler17040Red ManglerParry +16
Barbecued Snapper18040Jasper Snapper
Lobster Dumplings19040Lobster
Pale Flycatcher
Phys Crit +17
Brine-Boiled Crab20040Vermillion Stoneskin
Striated Crab
Dodge +16
Angel Food Cake22045Verdant Angel
Shimmersand Gumbo24050Desert Seabug
Coral Prawn
Max Mana +305
Steamed Octopus25050Sunny Puffer
Brightwater Octopus
Attack Power +18
Marinated Perch26050Brown Perch
Teal Grouper
Ember Steak[4]27050Ember StoneskinMax Health +435, +Dodge 16, Parry +16
coming soon[5]27550
Jellied Ray[6]28050Deep RayMax Mana +571 and Spell Power +12
Braised Mackerel29050Glossy Mackerel
Isle Crab
Snapper Jerky[7]29550Serene Flatfish
Firebelly Snapper
Spell Power +23 and Max Hit +217
Feast of Efficacy[8]30050Isle Crab
Brightwater Octopus
Firebelly Snapper
Place a feast to share (all can use within 60 seconds), Attack Power +23 and Max Health +217.> This effect overwrites ALL other stat food!
  1. ^ Reward from the quest Fishing with Lures in Freemarch or Silverwood
  2. ^ Reward from the quest Near-Endless Fishing in Scarlet Gorge.
  3. ^ Rare recipe drop.
  4. ^ Rare recipe drop.
  5. ^ PTS Forum post by Faratha (post #202)
  6. ^ Rare recipe drop.
  7. ^ Rare recipe drop.
  8. ^ Rare recipe drop.

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