Ancient Cairns (Rift)  

See also: Cairn Do, Puzzles

Ancient Cairns are stone piles mostly found on mountain ridges. The first time you open each Ancient Cairn you will get A Dusty Sack which will yield an uncommon, rare or epic quality item related to your level and some gold. If you open the same cairn again, you will receive A Dusty Sack which will yield at least one trash item worth 1  each. As of patch 1.2, A Dusty Sack has a level requirement appropriate to the zone in which the cairn is located.

More cairns can be found on the Cairn Do achievement page.

Reported Locations

Zone Coordinates Place/Subzone Loot Level
Droughtlands (9159,6928) Min 30 / Max 45
Freemarch (5899,5033) Above Meridian [1] Min 15 / Max 30
Gloamwood (5576,3210) Silkweb Pass Min 20 / Max 35
Iron Pine Peak (4977,1862) Harwin Kalmar Min 35 / Max 50
Moonshade Highlands (5349,2239) Min 30 / Max 45
Scarlet Gorge (4655,3096) Min 20 / Max 35
Scarwood Reach (4074,4444) Min 25 / Max 40
Shimmersand (7536,7170) Qara Chulunn Min 35 / Max 50
Silverwood [2] (6345,2317) Min 15 / Max 30
Stillmoor (1585,1862) Thera Valnir Min 35 / Max 50
Stonefield [3] (4664,5008) Above Camp Fergos Min 20 / Max 35
Stonefield (5330,5365) Dreadbone Shelf Min 20 / Max 35


  1. ^ The easiest way to get to the Freemarch cairn is to begin your climb near the Iron Tomb and scale across grass and dirt patches in the direction of Meridian.
  2. ^ The peak right next to this cairn rewards the achievement A High Point.
  3. ^ The achievements Dancing With Squirrels, Mountain Climber and Plop! are all near this cairn, as well as the Spinning Plates puzzle.

ZAM would like to thank delindsay90210 and several others for min/max level information.


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