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Character and Guild transfers were to Rift in Patch 1.3. These transfers will allow players to move their characters between shards for free once per week. Certain shards may be closed to a transfer due to your character's faction, the shard's population or the shard's region. Guild leaders may also choose to transfer their guild with them.

Transfer Requirements

There are some requirements that may prohibit a transfer or cause one to fail.

Individual Requirements

  • Your character must be at least level 15.
  • Your mailbox and auction house listings (including bids) must be empty.
  • Prior to level 40 you may only transfer with 3 0 0  per level.
  • You can only transfer your character once every 7 days.
  • Transfers may only be made to shards currently accepting your faction. The only exception to this is if the guild you are in transfers; you may follow them regardless as long as you meet the individual requirements. See the Allowed Destinations section below.

You can transfer to any shard where you currently have a level 40+ character, regardless of the characters faction.

  • You must login to the level 40+ character on the shard you wish to transfer to prior to initiating the transfer.
  • Your character on the destination shard must be Level 40 or higher (on either faction).
  • Your character on the destination shard must have been created prior to the release of the Character Transfer service (6/22 in North America, 6/23 in Europe)
  • Guilds are not eligible to transfer to any shard that is not on the allowed destination shard list. Guild Leaders will need to leave their guild if they wish to transfer to shard that is not on the allowed destination shard list.
  • A married character that transfers shards will be automatically divorced on transfer.

Guild Requirements

  • Only a guild leader can choose to transfer a guild with them.
  • If a guild is being transferred, the guild vaults must be empty, including platinum. Disabling the Tithe guild perk is recommended for guild transfers.
  • If you are a member of a guild that has moved shards you will be informed the next time you log in. The same information will be available on the guild window until you transfer or join another guild.
  • If you choose to transfer shards with your guild, the destination shard and faction will always be available to you, even if it is closed to non-guild transfer characters.

There are no restrictions on transfers between PvE and PvP servers but you are limited to transfers within your own region.

How to Transfer

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The transfer button on character select.
The transfer button on character select.
The Transfer Shard Select window.
The Transfer Shard Select window.
Once you meet your individual and/or guild requirements you may transfer your character from the Character Selection screen. Click the Transfer button on the button of the screen and a new window will pop up with a list of all shards that are available to your faction. Select the shard you wish to transfer to and click the transfer button on this screen.

Guild Leaders: At this point you will get an extra pop-up screen stating that you may either transfer your guild, leave your guild or cancel the transfer process. If you wish to transfer your guild, your guild must meet the guild transfer requirements listed above.

After you have selected the shard you and/or your guild is transferring to, a pop-up box will appear to confirm the character and shard that you will be transferring to. Here you can type the word transfer into this box and click the transfer button or you can choose to cancel the process.

Character Select Transfer Button
Character Select Transfer Button
Guild Transfer Window
Guild Transfer Window
Confirmation of Transfer
Confirmation of Transfer
Notification of Recent Transfer
Notification of Recent Transfer
The process complete and all requirements being met your character will quickly be available on their new shard. The character select screen will refresh and that shard's screen will open up. If your name (or your guild's name) is not available on the desired shard, you will be prompted for a rename prior to moving.

If you have transferred the character within the past 7 days, after selecting a shard you will receive a pop-up screen informing you that you have transferred too recently and how many days are remaining before you may transfer again.

Allowed Destinations

Current lists of allowed transfer destinations can be found on the official forums:


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