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This is intended to be a single-page reference to the rep dailies, focusing on rep for level 50's. I can never remember everything I need to get done every day.

Where more than one daily is listed from the same NPC you will usually get only one per day from that NPC. Which quest is available changes each day. Some NPCs do offer every quest listed for them, every day, but this is not the norm.

Iron Pine Peak (Icewatch)

Dailies in Iron Pine Peak are scattered throughout the zone and are level 50. Each rewards +300 Notoriety with the Icewatch and a Plaque of the Mountaineer, which can be used to purchase costume clothing from Master-at-Arms Varis at the Chancel of Labors.

Robern Charrette
Chancel of Labors
Find Your Own Truth (50)Power the Forges (Shatter Energized Shards in the Crystal Depths with the Crystal Mallet then use the Forge Focusers at The Chancel of Labors to charge the Forge before the energy dissipates)
Wolves on the Border (50)Kill Deepcrag Shadowtracker
Defender Barris
Chancel of Labors
Gale Force Winds (50)Obtain a Portal Keystone from a Frostgale cultist, travel through the portal in the cultist camp and kill a Frostgale Thundergust
Dark Wind Blowing (50)Kill 10 Frostgale Cyclones in Steampike Pit
Invoking the Wind (50)Disrupt 4 Frostgale summonings
Defender Gerlin
Chancel of Labors
Just Punishment (50)Recover the Stolen Goods and claim the Redsnow Chieftain's Head, then use the head on the Chancel's front steps
Root of Life (50)Collect 10 Ice Roots from Steampike Pit
The Skin Off Their Back (50)Collect 8 Frostback Furs around Steampike Pit
Your Enemy is Mine (50)Kill 8 Redsnow Outlaws and 4 Redsnow Renegades
Sentinel Tatiana
Bringing Down the Mountain (50)Use the Gortax's Tooth at the Champion's Spire, and defeat Gortax
Dark Heart (50)Use the Dark Heart at the Champion's Spire in Kestrel's Cry Ravine and kill Darksnarl Vilemother
Dangerous Waters (50)Use the Water Summoner at the Champion's Spire in Mage's Mark and kill Deep Freeze
Frozen Gauntlet (50)Use the Watcher's Horn at the Guardian's Spire and three Thedeor's Shrines within the Frozen Gauntlet
Julian Alehar
Red Gold Claim
Her Last Ambush (50)Group (3): Protect Julian Alehar on her hunt
Defender Malik
Exile's Den
Blood Runs Black (50)Use the Vial of Dark Blood in Icewatch Ridge, then kill the Frostbound Revenant and collect a Vial of Frostbound Blood
Pristine Samples (50)Collect 3 Pristine Tidestones in Dayblind Hollows

Shimmersand (Dragonslayer Covenant)

All dailies are at Wyrmbane Spire, except as noted, and are level 50. Each rewards +600 Notoriety with Dragonslayer Covenant.

Fortune's Shore
Demolition Impossible (50)Collect 3 Extinguished Firebombs and destroy 3 Wanton Signal Fires on the stone bridge north of Fortune's Shore
Bahram FerisEmpowered Whelps (50)Kill 6 Maelforge Whelps
Death to the Wanton (50)Kill 15 Firesand Wanton cultsts
Broodmothers Above (50)Group (2): Kill 10 Maelforge Broodmothers
Farrah HusinBuried Beneath (50)Destroy 4 Dragon Roosts and kill 16 Immature Whelplings
Fight Fire With Fire (50)Collect 8 Wanton Cores from Wanton Cultists in the Flamespawn Crater, overload the Exhaust Vent and kill the Heart of the Inferno
Haruka AnanFire and Sand (50)Extinguish 4 Wanton bone rituals and kill 10 Wanton Terrors
Wardens of the Order (50)Subdue the 4 Wardens
Sameer ZubariThe Order's Charge (50)Kill 8 Maelforge Emberdrakes near the Flamerod
Assistance from the Dead (50)Kill 8 Wanton Agitators
Shattering the Flame (50)Kill 18 Sputtering Infernos

Stillmoor (Order of Mathos)

All dailies are at Zareph's Return and are level 50. Each rewards +700 Notoriety with the Order of Mathos.

Dragomir RakovicThe Dead Ringers (50)Kill Sotham the Broken, Gorlush the Untamed, and Kassarin the Spurned in The Endless Citadel
The Big Three (50)Kill Orlothi the Malignant, Kyaven the Arcane and Droglos the Vile in The Endless Citadel
Ready, Aim, Fire (50)Use Smoke Targets on and then kill 3 Mathosian Commanders in Death's Approach
House of Lords (50)Kill Lord Edraam, Lord Khaas and Lord Adolthos in Caer Mathos
Javor KonjovicSinking Cinders (50)Kill 5 Darkfire Assailants, 4 Darkfire Charbringers and 4 Enraged Flames in Kingsgate
Sanguine Sacrament (50)Collect 6 Sanguine Wines in Blood Grove
No Bones About It (50)Kill 15 Soulless Thralls in Hillsborough
Nikola MirolinCooler Heads Prevail (50)Use Heaven's Boon to douse 6 Magma Pits in Kingsgate
Dark Discoveries (50)Collect 10 Dangerous Research in Caer Kholum
Going Ballistae (50)Sabotage 4 Endless Ballista with Ballista Beaters
Cutting the Stitches (50)Group (2): Kill 5 Necromantic War Golems in Death's Approach
Radojka ZdraleAssault on the Citadel (50)Kill 15 Mathosians in The Endless Citadel
Blood Fed (50)Kill 9 Darkwood satyrs and 3 Blood Grove Treants in Blood Grove
A Fire Inside (50)Group (2): Kill Drugon Khaliknos in Kingsgate
The Doctor Is In (50)Group (2): Kill Doctor Vulos Kholum in Caer Kholum
Valeria TazinBalls to the Walls (50)Collect 8 Infused Cannonballs from Death's Approach
Culling the Cultists (50)Kill 15 cultists in the Endless Citadel
Eternal Rest (50)Group (2): Kill Lord Androj Hillsborough in Hillsborough

PvP Dailies

Some PvP Dailies can be done outside of Warfronts and some do not even require you to kill a player! All of the quests for The Unseen and The Order of the Eye reward 9900 XP, 450 Notoriety, 675 Favor and 1200 Prestige.


The Unseen

Gartek Tharn - Catari Command Center, Meridian - You can get four per day, but it is not always the same four.


Warlord Albrect - Thedeor's Circle, Sanctum

The Order of the Eye

Greg "Dirk" SkartRaesa FentrossLeesi Nalan (Quartermaster)
Thedeor's Circle, Sanctum

You can get four per day, but it is not always the same four.

Leesi Nalan - Weekly


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