How to Edit Soul Ability Pages (Rift)  

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Find out what you can do to help edit, contribute and improve our soul ability pages right here.

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Typing this below will take you to a disambiguation page with a list of links to the different ranks.

[[Rift Ability:Vex]]

You need to add the rank number to make it link directly to a specific rank.

[[Rift Ability:Vex (Rank 1)]]

Heres a look at a blank template you can use, one with links in it and one with it working.

{{rift popular links

{{rift popular links |links= * {{Riftability|1778238839|Healing Breath Rank 1}} * {{Riftmob|Asha Catari}} * {{Riftitem|common|Mote of Sourcestone}} |}}

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As you can see, you can make a list of all the different kinds of pages found within the ZAM Rift wiki. By copying the top code set, you can add a list of all applicable lists of links. For ability pages, linking to the other pages would be very helpful.

Adding Headers & Adding Content

What headers like the ones above each of these four steps? add three = signs to each side of the header (on its own line) and this should create a header.

===This Becomes a Header===
Below the header's line start adding text.

Some Popular Headings:

==Related Achievments==

Hint Check out the Links guide to find out how to make links in articles.


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