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ZAM IRC Network

Congratulations! You've decided to join our wonderful IRC community! For those who have just happened to come upon this guide, IRC is a type of chat room that we use here at ZAM. This guide is written to allow for people who have never used IRC before to easily get connected and It is currently available on Mac's and PC's. There are several software options you can use and below we will explain how to get that software and configure it.

Have Chatzilla or another client set up? Try clicking here.

How to Set up Your IRC

After you acquire an IRC program, add a connection and give it a name, you can use ZAM. The following information should be standard for all IRC's programs.

IRC Client Settings
  • Host Servername:
  • Port: 6667, 6668, 6669, 5667 or 7000 (any one will work).
    • Alternative SSL-enabled ports: 6697 or 5697 (if you wish to use SSL)
Choose an IRC Identity
  • Nickname: Your ZAM website user name
  • Alternative: Any username
  • Email Address: E-mail
We've integrated IRC with the website, your site user name is your IRC nickname.


(Not essential but improves security against people using same nickname)

Nickserv is a server-side tool that people can claim a nickname for their own use in the IRC channels, it can be different than your username but preferable to keep it the same as your username.

When you join our IRC, you can make the nickserv aware of your login name. You do this with the register command. You will only need to do this with your first login or whenever you change your login password.

In the box you type messages in place the text below:

/msg nickserv register PASSWORD [EMAIL]
      • PASSWORD = replace with your custom password
      • [EMAIL] = replace with a real password (remove the brackets) (optional but good for password recovery)
An example would be:
/msg nickserv register chicken

Thereafter, when you connect, you just need to identify yourself. It is important for you to do this to keep others from using your registered name while in chat. Nicknames are forced, anyone who doesn't register and login is renamed to a random guest name. The goal is to make it difficult to appear to be someone else.

Place the below text in the chat bar.

/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD
      • PASSWORD = replace with your previously chosen password

IRC Channel Information

Once you log in, you can join one of these channels by typing "/join " followed by the channel name:

Channel Game Join Code to use in client
#Aion Aion /join #Aion
#DAoC Dark Age of Camelot /join #DAoC
#EQ EverQuest /join #EQ
#EQ2 EverQuest II /join #EQ2
#EQOA EverQuest Online Adventures /join #EQOA
#FFXI Final Fantasy XI /join #FFXI
#FFXIV Final Fantasy XIV /join #FFXIV
#FR Free Realms /join #FR
#GuildFans Guild Wars 2 /join #GuildFans
#LotRO Lord of the Rings Online /join #LotRO
#Rift Rift: Planes of Telara /join #Rift
#SWG Star Wars Galaxies /join #SWG
#WoW World of Warcraft /join #WoW
#Wikibase Wikibase* /join #Wikibase
*General discussion and live help with all things Wikibase.

Joining A Channel

For example: To join the GuildFans discussion channel, you would type the following into the command section:

/join #GuildFans

If you want to chat in multiple rooms, put a ; in between each additional statement

/msg nickserv identify YOURPASSWORDGOESHERE; /join #channel1; /join #channel2; /join #channel3

Joining a Channel in Trillian 5

  1. Click the IRC icon
  2. Click "Browse for Channel"
  3. Select the target channel
  4. Click Join.

IRC Member Types

In the chatrooms, you will notice several different types of users:

  • Operators: @ are people who own the channel. In all the main supported channels the @'s are the people working for Allakhazam, or those users set as "Op" by an Allakhazam employee.
    • Example, in the conversation box the user will appear as: <@Bohtauri>
  • Halfops: % are helpers to the channel staff. They watch a channel and keep people from harassing you and ruining your chat experience.
    • Example, in the conversation box the user will appear as: <%Bohtauri>
  • Voice: +'s during times of moderation people with +'s get to still speak in the channel. This privilege is, however, usually suspended during Dev Chats.
    • Example, in the conversation box the user will appear as: <+Bohtauri>

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Setup Instructions

Below are installation instructions with specific software's

Software Version Setup Instructions Website Pay
HydraIRC 0.3.165 Click Here
Icechat 7 Click Here
MIRC 2.3 Click Here
7.15 Click Here
Trillian 3.0 Click Here
Free &
4.0 Click Here
5.0* Click Here
mibbit Web** Click Here
Mac Version
Colloquy 2.3 Click Here
iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Version
IRC 999 0.9 Click Here Unknown
*This is the Recommended IRC Client
**This is a web-based Client that requires Javascript enabled and use of Firefox, Chrome or Safari

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