Puzzles (Rift)  

See also: Ancient Cairns

There is a puzzle in each zone. There is no name, per se, for the place, and they are always out of the way. There is an achievement for finishing each puzzle, and an achievement for finishing all of them. Each also awards a blue, green or purple item that scales to your level within a zone-level appropriate range.

Click the Achievement name for information on a specific puzzle!

A puzzle in Moonshade Highlands.
A puzzle in Moonshade Highlands.
Zone Achievement Loot Level
Droughtlands Don't Be Cagey 3045
Ember Isle Emerald Enigma 4550
Freemarch Sleeping with the Fishes 15 30
Gloamwood Shield Wall 20 35
Iron Pine Peak Tracks in the Snow 35 50
Moonshade Highlands Go With The Flow 30 45
Scarlet Gorge A Barrel of Laughs 20 35
Scarwood Reach Scarwood by Torchlight 25 40
Shimmersand A Classic Treasure 35 50
Silverwood Puzzled at the Top of the World 15 30
Stillmoor Herding Bats 35 50
Stonefield Spinning Plates 20 35
Solution Finder - Complete all puzzles (except Silverwood and Ember Isle)

ZAM would like to thank delindsay90210 and several others for min/max level information.


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