Rift Achievement:Dancing With Squirrels  

This achievement takes place in Stonefield and counts for the Stonefield zone. Stonefield is the third zone for the Defiants, a 20-27 zone, and is equivalent to Gloamwood to the Guardians. Guardians can obtain this achievement as well.

When you arrive at the location of the dancing squirrels (4916, 4664) there are some squirrels randomly running around a torch. When you approach the torch (walk toward it) it will magically catch on fire and the squirrels will dance around it, in a circle. It is as if the squirrels worship it. Do the dance emotion by simply typing /dance in your chat frame to make your character dance.

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Title Award

Along with this achievement you will gain a new suffix title: Name, Dances With Squirrels.

So for example my character's name is Erik, so he'd be: Erik, Dances With Squirrels.


Dancing with squirrels
Dancing with squirrels
There is a torch with a bunch of squirrels dancing around it at 4914, 4664. You can climb up here from the road around 4500, 5080.

Approach the torch to light it. The squirrels will make a circle and begin dancing. /dance with them.

Tip: Make sure you also do the Spinning Plates, Mountain Climber and Plop! achievements while you are here.

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