Rift Mob:Grand Apiarist Orban  

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Expert Fight Encounter

''The boss is quite difficult, if you try him with only one tank. For that to happen, you either need to have the tank be ready to pick up all the spawning adds, while the group kills the hordes as quickly as possible before AoE'ing the adds, or you let the tank stay with the boss and try to kill the adds without him tanking them. This approach needs quiet a lot of equip, so if you read this, you probably won't be able to pull that one.

The other and much easier approach is to have an off-tank, who tanks the adds. That way your tank can fight the boss in the middle, while the rest of the group focusses on destroying the two hordes and the adds. Once the hordes are dead, no more adds will appear and the boss can be killed without much issues. One way of doing that is to position the boss with the tank in the middle and the whole group near the first horde. The adds will automatically come to the horde, which is attacked, where the off-tank can then pick them up for the DDs to kill them. Once the first hrode is down, the off-tank can move to the second horde and repeat the aforementioned until the second horde is down as well.

Afterwards meet in the middle and fell the tree.''

Video Guide: Expert

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