Rift Mob:Stalker of Tears  

Stalker of Tears, Gloamwood, Shadefallen Towers

located at: 4687, 2561 to 4998, 2716

The Stalker of Tears is encountered by interacting with Lelana Redhood on the edge of the creek outside of Tearfall Catacombs. She will ask you to enter the Catacombs to get some herbs for her sick grandmother. If you agree she runs off and asks you to meet her at the Dusken Draft with said herbs.

Whether you spoke to her first or not, after entering the Catacombs and examining the pile of victims at ( 4695,2592 ), Lelana Redhood will appear. Her monologue is as follows:

Lelana Redhood: You're so brave to enter this dark cave, far from the safety of the beaten path.
Lelana Redhood: Now, since we're alone in my lair, allow me to slip into something more comfortable.

At this point Lelana turns into the Stalker of Tears and attacks you.


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