Scarlet Gorge - Defiant (Rift Quest Series)  

Scarlet Gorge - Defiant
Quest Series
Starting ZoneScarlet Gorge
Rec. Levels25 to 30
Previous Stonefield
Next Scarwood Reach - Defiant
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Quest Series
Quest lists direct from our database: Most, if not all, quests in this zone increase Notoriety with Quarry Rats.

Guardians - see Scarlet Gorge - Guardians

The Sunrest Bridge separates Stonefield to the south, Scarwood Reach to the north, and the Scarlet Gorge to the east.

Ancient Wardstones

In various places throughout this zone you will find an Ancient Wardstone. Use your Activate Ancient Wardstone Ascended ability to activate the wardstone and summon an NPC (Note: He may already be there if someone else has activated the wardstone recently). Each completion of one of these Daily quests will reward you with a Vile Sourceshard.

For a complete recap of all we know about these artifacts, including locations and quests, see Ancient Wardstone

Sunrest Bridge

Sumia Rend

  1. Up and at 'Em (26) - Use the Bucket of Water on 3 sleeping Gorge Prospectors

Magnus Grey

  1. First (The Quest Log places the first 2 quests in Stonefield rather than Scarlet Gorge):
  2. A Failure of Leadership (26) - Go to the meeting and kill the Guardian officers

There is no short, quick way back up to the bridge from the bottom of the Gorge, so be sure to do the above quests before you descend!

Old Mule Run

Rickard Destrum

  1. A Day Off (26) - Speak with Cereil Melticent in Sunrest Canyon

Rickard Destrum

  1. Relics of the Past (26) - Find Kaspar Massi at Old Mule Run
  2. The Past Made Anew (27) - Activate the ancient wardstone

Sunrest Canyon

Cereil MelticentConstruct Schematic

  1. Flesh and Steel (26) - Kill the Experimental Excavator and Aster Blackstar
  2. How the Pieces Fit (26) - Deliver the Construct Schematics to Cereil Melticent in Sunrest Canyon
  3. Happy Trails (26) - Speak with Bardra Mortain at Scarwood Lift Base

Kasady Brock

Scarwood Lift Base

Redras Voltan

  1. Out of this World (28) - Kill 16 Rift creatures in Scarlet Gorge

Bardra Mortain

  1. Men and Machines:
  2. Taking Shards (28) - Use Problem Solvers on Construct Regeneration Units and collect 12 Crystal Fragments
  3. A Bit of Subterfuge (28) - Use the Golden Maw disguise to discover the power source
  4. Spirited Away (28) - Return the Spirit Shard to Bardra Mortain
  5. To Rocklift (28) - Speak to Selenai Redrel at Rocklift

Steppon Drolli

  1. The Source of the Problem (27) - Collect 16 Rough Sourcestone
  2. Bits and Pieces (28) - Collect 12 Construct Components

Jared Cliff

  1. Drill No More (27) - Disable 5 Industrial Drills
  2. Second:
  3. The Brains Behind It All (28) - Sabotage 3 Construct Repair Terminals and kill the Engineers that come to fix them
  4. Hired Guns (28) - Kill Golden Maw Wardens, Sharpshooters and Reavers

Scarwood Lift Summit

The Scarwood Lift Summit station is actually in Scarwood Reach. Quests at this location will be listed both here and in the Scarwood Reach Quest Series.

Ludmil Pavel

  1. A Rift Bereft (30) - Kill 7 Dust Demons
  2. Two Sides to Their Stories (30) - Interrogate a Loggerman Foreman and recover 3 Pages of the Lift Shipping Manifest

Dimitri Bazidar

  1. Joining the Hunt (31) - Speak with Nikolai Vanya in Perspice

Ironroot Draw

Kaspar Massi

  1. Pick up the Pieces (27) - Collect parts from Guardian machines
  2. Unwitting Donation (27) - Collect the wiring schematic

Golden Maw Report

Frayworn Rock

Janda Thonn


  • Soul Hunter (28) - Kill 6 Golden Maw Soulmagi and Technomagi

Kaspar Massi - activate Ancient Wardstone high above the cave to summon


Senelei Redrel

  1. Rescuing the Mondragon (28) - Find Dalvio Mondragon in Thunderwork Ridge
  2. Tumbling Down (29) - Use a repair station to activate Dalvio Mondragon
  3. Finally

Tel Kyllanis

  1. Harsh Justice (28) - Kill 15 Golden Maw at Thunderwork Ridge

Merelda Arcallis

  1. Cruel to Be Kind (28) - Use the Soul Reconstructor on 5 Constructs

Rock Ridge

Astor IncantrilAdriana Weaver

  1. Children of Maelforge (29) - Kill Smoldering Fiends, Charlatans, Reavers and Hellions
  2. With a Vengeance (29) - Speak to Adriana Weaver in Rock Ridge
  3. Mission of Mercy (29) - Free 3 Captured Rock Ridge Citizens
  4. The Living and the Dead (29) - Summon the ghost of Arthur Thorne

Lira KaronNestor Dorn

  1. Go Back Home (29) - banish 16 Fireborn Imps using the Binding Chalk
  2. Liberation Day (29) - Kill 4 Smoldering Tormentors and liberate 16 Rock Ridge Citizens
  3. From Beyond (29) - Seal the Fire Rift in Rock Ridge

Nestor Dorn

  1. Trouble in Scarwood Reach (30) - Speak with Ludmil Pavel at Scarwood Lift Summit in Scarwood Reach

Sedrick FinelyNambus ParmSandra Roe

  1. Free them:
  2. Snapped Out of It (29) - Find Lira Karon in Rock Ridge

Darkfire Grove

Legionnaire Merrik

  1. Little Buggers (28) - Kill 4 Darkfire Champions, 5 Darkfire Warriora and 4 Darkfire Nightblades
  2. Snatch and Grab (28) - Collect 4 Eyes of Uythradge
  3. Trail of Destruction (28) - Deliver the Warning Letter to Astor Incantril in Rock Ridge

Obik Chuka

  1. Conflagration Station (28) - Collect 6 Darkfire Powder
  2. False Prophets (28) - Kill Warlord Thundkup and Arch-Arsonist Gazluk

Senella Elwen

  1. I am the Arsonist (28) - Light 4 Darkfire Totems
  2. Goblins Gone Wild (28) - Kill 4 Darkfire Warlocks and 6 Darkfire Flamepriests

Kill 20 Charfang spiders

  1. Inside Guy (28) - Retrieve Agogag's Mace, Special Potion and Healthy Gruel
  2. Unlikely Initiate (28) - Open the Cage Door to free Agogag

Massive Fang

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