Scarlet Gorge - Guardians (Rift Quest Series)  

Scarlet Gorge - Guardians
Quest Series
Starting ZoneScarlet Gorge
Rec. Levels25 to 30
Previous Gloamwood
Next Scarwood Reach - Guardians
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Quest Series
Quest lists direct from our database: Most, if not all, quests in this zone increase Notoriety with Quarry Rats.

Defiants - see Scarlet Gorge - Defiant

Ancient Wardstones

In various places throughout this zone you will find an Ancient Wardstone. Use your Activate Ancient Wardstone Ascended ability to activate the wardstone and summon an NPC (Note: He may already be there if someone else has activated the wardstone recently). Each completion of one of these Daily quests will reward you with a Vile Sourceshard.

For a complete recap of all we know about these artifacts, including locations and quests, see Ancient Wardstone

Following By the Power of the Vigil any other Ancient Wardstone you find can be activated (by either Faction) using the Ascended power. When active an NPC will appear and set up camp, and may be joined by a merchant in Rare Planar Goods.

It has been reported that the Wardstone at Stonecrest Hills must be active and controlled by your faction or the Wardstone Quests cannot be done, even those at other Wardstones.

West Deepwood Trail

Paula Becksten

If you cross the big bridge at Riverfell and turn right you will find several Artifacts and a few resource nodes, but no mobs. Go all the way to the end where you find a small camp (abandoned) and step off the cliff there to land on a ledge you cannot see from above with a puzzle!


Fyvel Goodman

Olaf Sternbrew

Crimson Wash

Sir Greg Armex

  1. Stone Cold Survivors (27) - Help the Stonecrest Survivors
  2. The Darkest Magic (27) - Kill 6 Endless Court Wizards and 8 Endless Court Mercenaries
  3. After Words with the Dead:
  4. After Free Souls:
  5. After End of the Endless:

Hellen Terrellis

  1. Ensnaring Anima (27) - Collect 5 Lost Souls
  2. Words with the Dead (27) - Purify the Lost Anima in the Soul Crucible and speak with the Pacified Spirit
  3. Free Souls (27) - Ring the Soul Chime over 5 body piles
  4. Army of the Dead (28) - Use Tavril's Will to clear the Mindless Zombies and examine the Dark Phylactery
  5. End of the Endless (28) - Use the Dark Phylactery at the Altar of Regulos and kill Angdralthus the Lich Lord

Serelda Peel

  1. Mementos of the Dead (27) - Collect Bootlegged Hooch, Serelda's Locket and Serelda's Letters
  2. After Free Souls:

Kristan Stern - After Free Souls

Mallard Drewen - After Free Souls


There are two tunnels in the base of the cliffs: The spider-filled tunnel and the Undead-filled tunnel. You must do the Undead-filled tunnel if you are going to complete the first four quests, below. The spider tunnel is the home of Arachnar (27 Elite) and a lot of Arachnites, which respawn VERY fast so keep moving!

Agent Gerid Kalos

Cheev Nash

  • Going Up (27) - Find the remains of Brad Suleri and Marcus Vinnian

Yannis Violet

Ancient Wardstone / Olaf Sternbrew

Dame Chloe Hisler

  1. Nesting Instinct (27) - Collect the Contaminated Sourcestone from the harpies to the west
  2. Free and Clear (27) - Bring the Contaminated Sourcestone to Hellen Terrellis at Crimson Wash

Ward Graves

Mansfield's Sword - drop from Arachnar

Demon Steps

Alfred Mannew - in a small cave at ground level

Up the ramp just south of Crimson Wash or the lift south of Stonecrest
Papyrus of the Necrophagist

Infernal Research


Papyrus of the Necrophagist - dropped by an Endless Court Wizard

  1. Black Hearts (27) - Deliver the Papyrus of the Necrophagist to Sir Greg Armex at Crimson Wash

Granitedust Gulch

Sir Ollo Stonejoy

  1. First:

Sir Reginald Gaunt - After What Became of Them?

  1. Planar Invaders (29) - Kill 2 Smoldering Fiends and Smoldering Charlatans, 6 Smoldering Reavers and 4 Smoldering Hellions in the Town of Rock Ridge

Anla Helmfast

  1. Get Thee Gone (29) - Banish 16 Fireborn Imps with the Binding Chalk in the Town of Rock Ridge

Peter Narren

  1. Caged and Abused (29) - Free 3 Mob:Captured Rock Ridge Citizen]s
  2. Last Stand (29) - Seal the Fire Rift in Rock Ridge

Jarik Braun

Foul Cascade

Upon Entry:

Ivan Coppertooth

Professor Whent

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