Tome of the Vigil (Rift Lore)  

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Tome of the Vigil

The Vigil is made up of he most powerful deities of all Telara. They have protected Telara from the elemental threats throughout history, either through their inspiration of the heroic souls that first fought the dragons of the blood storm, or through the divine creation of the ward that protected Telara for these past centuries. As the ward imprisons the draconic gods, it also prevented the Vigil from taking a direct hand in the threads that now assail Telara. The Vigil has a plan for their followers, one that will lead to a golden age upon Telara, but it is up to the Guardians to enact this.

Tavril - Goddess of the Land (The Creator)
Bahralt - God of Cities
Thedeor - God of the Sword
Mariel-Taun - Goddess of the Heart
Thontic- God of the Sea

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