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Wardrobe Sets allow you to display a different armor appearance on your character. This feature is accessible from the Character Window (default key: C).

For armor, you may only equip your calling's intended armor type in the Chest, Legs, Hands, Feet, Shoulders and Head slots. Warriors can wear plate, Rogues can wear leather, and so forth. Eventually there will be "costume-only" or "wardrobe-only" items that anyone will be able to equip. [1] You cannot equip anything higher than your current level.

One wardrobe set is available by default with three more sets that are unlockable by spending platinum. These additional slots can be purchased by clicking on their locked icon (akin to unlocking banker slots) and clicking "ok" to accept the price:

  • Set 2: costs 10 0 0 
  • Set 3: costs 50 0 0 
  • Set 4: costs 100 0 0 

There is an option to disable wardrobe sets and display your actual equipment. An empty wardrobe slot will display your actual equipped armor in that slot instead. The helmet and shoulder slots can be hidden in your options (Settings > Interface > Misc > Check next to "Hide Helmet" and "Hide Shoulder Armor").

Clothier vendors can be found in Meridian and Sanctuary. On the Test shard they had no inventory but will presumably sell wardrobe-only clothing in the future.

A highlighted button signifies your current wardrobe selection. Wardrobe sets can be linked on your action bar, allowing you to swap between your appearance more quickly.

Sets linked on an action bar.
Sets linked on an action bar.

A preview of the wardrobe feature coming in Rift 1.2. Shows equipping armor in a wardrobe set and swapping between multiple sets.

The Wardrobe feature on the Character Window.
Show off your style with up to four wardrobe sets.
Wardrobe piece placement.

Collection Reward Items

Just a few items that are useless except in a Wardrobe set and can be purchased from the Artifact Collector in your home city. All prices are in Lucky Coins unless otherwise noted.

Bogling Surprise
Bogling Surprise25Helmet
Deep One Hugger
Deep One Hugger25Helmet

  1. ^ ZAM Gets Update 1.2 Details from Scott Hartsman

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