Rift Zone:WIP Chronicle Sanctum  

Chronicles of Telara

Congratulations, Guardian! You have reached level 50, and all of Sanctum has gathered in your honor. When you enter this chronicle, you will attend your celebration, and your attunement to the planes. You will speak to Cyril Kalmar, who will applaud your journey and commence your honors ceremony. You will then meet the Messenger of the Vigil, who will infuse you with the power of the planes.

Once this is accomplished, you will gain two Planar Attunement levels. If this is your first time in the instance, you will be introduced to the Planar Attunement System and be able to spend your very first point!

Be wary however, for not everyone celebrates your achievements. And Kain Sunsworn will also have something to say to you. Defend the city, and prove to all of Telara that the faith and honors bestowed upon you this day were not in vain!

Instance Quests

  1. Chosen of the Vigil - This is actually a different name for each race.
  2. Defend the City

Upon completion, you receive the achievement City Savior and, after talking to Cyril, a Treasure Chest will appear, containing a Hero's Treasure Chest.

Once you defend the city, NPCs will appear with the following quests which will help you along your Ascended journey. These introduce many of the less-seen parts of the level 50 experience to make sure you are not missing out on the fun.

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